1/26 Plans for the New Year

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1/26 Plans for the New Year Empty 1/26 Plans for the New Year

Post by Creepie Creecher on Mon Jan 26, 2015 8:47 pm

It's been a long time since I posted in this section. Why? Laziness, being inactive, and life happened causing like nothing to happen last year. i'm honestly hoping to change that so here are some ideas I've been thinking of as new additions to the site:

• Have universities and regular high schools.
Characters who work or go to the high schools and universities that aren't Chicago Prime or Redforest will be in the citizens group but with whatever rank fits the characters since those schools aren't the main focus if anyone gets what I mean. It'll allow those who want to create a student, teacher, or faculty member but doesn't want them to go or work at the main two schools to create the characters they want. This can allow for interesting rivalries. When it comes to participating in the total drama event with these characters, the team they're on is represented by the rank not the membergroup.

•  More Events
This is self explanatory.

• Of The Moments
I hope that I'll finally be able to actually use the OTM system which I should've back when the site first opened but didn't.

That's all I could really think of right now. I hope you guys have a great year as my late new year wishes!


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