how life meets the universe ((Sarah))

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how life meets the universe ((Sarah))

Post by Priscilla Reed on Thu Nov 22, 2012 4:24 pm

"Mmm." Priscilla sniffed the spaghetti walking into the Italian restaurant around the academy. This is my food. I miss eating European cuisines, Priscilla thought. The very stylish male waiter walked up to her. "Vuoi che il tuo menĂ¹ per il vostro pasto Antipasti?" He said in Italian. Priscilla knew 5 different languages. She possibly knew what he was saying. Priscilla read his name tag. "Yes, I may, Stanchion." she said. Stanchion obviously knew she was from Europe. Priscilla read the Antipasti menu. "Mozzarelline fritte, will do." She said in a fancy voice. When her Antipasti was done she ordered her meal.

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