Ma vie fabuleuse (A Priscilla Reed Past)

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Ma vie fabuleuse (A Priscilla Reed Past)

Post by Priscilla Reed on Wed Nov 21, 2012 5:11 pm

(I only post here)

Clap, Clap, Clap

How I love the sound of my alarm clock clapping for the 1 and only Priscilla Reed. 8:00. Time for school in Paris! Being a 5th grader is hard you know. I went downstairs to get my breakfast from Fitz my butler. "What's on the menu?" I asked. "*Caviar et oignons." He replied. "Eeep! I have to brush my teeth extra this morning." I screamed. After eating my lovely meal, I brushed my gorgeous teeth and went to my huge closet. My designer Jennifer was waiting. "Any new clothes?" I asked. "Well, we got a 800$ blue floral dress and 90$ blue flats." Jennifer told me. I looked at it. "It's to cheap to wear. Toss it away." I snapped. I was looking for a dress that is about 1,800$. Not 800! Finally she read my mind and got a red velvet skirt and a blue top and blue flats. "*C'est génial!" I said changing. I had to do my hair and makeup. Finally I was ready. My mother packed me a lobster sandwitch and a Calypso drink. The limo was fired up and we headed to my school.

French translation for the poor people:

C'est génial!= This is great!
Caviar et oignons= Caviar and Onions

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Post by Priscilla Reed on Thu Nov 22, 2012 2:56 pm

(I only post here)

So school was stupid as always. I got an F in all classes. Well I don't care, F=FANTASTIC! I am not much of a school type person. My books are magazines, gym is a fashion show, lunch is tea with the queen and teachers are my servants. Like I always say to my rich friends Megan and Miranda: "*Être riche est un joyau d'être pauvre en sortir." They always say "Tell it girlfriend." I am the leader of my whole school. I'm the richest that's why. After school I pay my butler to do my homework. It's hard thats why.

French translation for the poor people"

Être riche est un joyau d'être pauvre en sortir= being rich is a gem being poor get out.

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