Do you know what zeus said to narcissus?

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Do you know what zeus said to narcissus?

Post by Darcy Foxx on Thu Dec 18, 2014 5:11 pm



about darcy: he was born on september 24, 1995 to a very wealthy family. wealthy on both sides. so basically he has a shit load of money as a di mercurio and a shit load of money as a foxx along with the title of an hotel heir.he was always an outcast although almost everyone at whatever schools he went to (excluding redforest, they hate him) tries to kiss his ass, especially the rich kids who want to be even richer considering who his parents are. he's into androgyny so much he takes it to the next better. he also loves the fuck out of fashion and is described as having his mother's taste in things like jewelry, clothing, etc. he never let the money get to his head since he fears that if he did, he'd be young and bankrupt. because of his mother, he is fully fluent in italian although he also took the time to learn latin despite it being a dead language.

friendships: darcy is pretty much someone that'd be pretty popular, mostly due to being very rich. although he seems like a huge sarcastic asshole to random people on the outside, he's actually a very sweet person who loves his friends and family. he parties a lot and is practically  a social butterfly. of course, he would need to have friends he don't even know are fake. he also has a few frenemies; they only ever use each other for gossip and tend to not like each other.

enemies: if someone makes up shit about him and stuff like that, it's pretty much a guarantee that darcy won't acknowledge your existence and will try to ignore you if possible or get into a fist fight if he gets pissed

lovers: why does this section even exist??? he's like engaged???



Darcy Foxx
Darcy Foxx
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