where ever i go, the devil's beneath my feet ((darcy only k omfg))

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where ever i go, the devil's beneath my feet ((darcy only k omfg)) Empty where ever i go, the devil's beneath my feet ((darcy only k omfg))

Post by Darcy Foxx on Wed Dec 17, 2014 7:23 pm

Darcy walked through the seldom empty hallway of Redforest feeling dejected as usual. He always felt more of a Chicago Prime kid that it even showed with him constantly getting in trouble, which people blame on him not acting much like the hotel heir that he is. His mom is famous for being famous and his father mostly does business things which allowed him to do whatever the fuck he wanted such as masturbating loudly to scat films or sexting Melissa with no hesitations. He gave a blank face as students looked at him rolling their eyes and commenting about how he's a dirty freak that needs to fucking leave the school. Little did they know his ass was getting transferred back to Chicago Prime since the principal thought that doing that would be for the best. Being transferred is that it's going to make it a lot easier to hang out with Melissa because he knocked her up, and they just happened to find out on Thanksgiving; he hadn't told anyone yet which was probably for the best since it'd cause his schoolmates to hate him even more. It didn't help any that in his second or third year at Redforest, he causes the school to get into a scandal because he was fucking two dudes at once in the boy's locker room during a basketball game.

His phone began to ring to the 2014 version of the song "Yung Rapunxel" by Azealia Banks to see that it was his mother calling. "Ciao, mamma . Sì, io sono a scuola e tutti sta parlando merda su di me, come al solito. Sarò fottutamente forzare me fuori di qui e ottenere il mio culo verso Chicago Prime. Non posso cazzo prendere in questa scuola culo di merda più. Sì, ho avuto l'anello di proporre a Melissa. Sto proponendo a lei il giorno di Natale. Va bene, sarò sicuro di. Ti amo troppo, mamma. Ci vediamo." Sighing, he saw Julian, the guy he hooked up with about two years ago making up stuff about him that had some truth.

"Oh, look, it's Scatcy the dude who shoves dog shit up his ass," he heard Julian laugh. Darcy began to get pissed and grabbed Julian by the collar of his shirt and shoved him up against a locker. All of the other people in the hallway began to look at the two and immediately got out their phones to film the fights and began texting their friends from schools that aren't as low class as Chicago Prime.

"What the fuck did you just say about me?" asked Darcy as he hit Julian against the locker several times.

"Me? Well I was simply stating the facts," Julian replied deviously with a laugh.

Darcy looked at him and kneed him in the nuts and began punching him until his nose began to bleed. His father had taught him that if anyone dares to spread slander, depending on who or what it came from, either release a statement debunking it or do the good ol' school fist fight since no one was to tarnish a Foxx's reputation. He saw Julian trying to punch back only to punch him in the knee allowing his phone to fall out of his pocket only for it to lit up showing a text from Melissa.

Darcy quickly reached down and grabbed his phone securing it in another pocket. Shortly, Julian forced Darcy down onto the floor and began attempting to give Darcy a black eye only to end up giving Darcy a huge bruise on his left arm. It didn't help that the jacket Darcy was wearing was making him look like a junkie.

Quickly, Darcy kicked Julian back to the locker with his feet and pinned him to the locker and made his bloody nose a bit worse.

"Now your ass knows to not fucking mess with a Di Mercurio/Foxx. I could've done worse, so be glad that I had only given you a bloody nose. Your nose is now a blood fetishist's dream. Anyway, i don't see the fucking point of me being here anymore, especially since i won't be going here anymore starting on January 5th officially, but I'm ditching now. I decided to go out with a bang. If i hear you talk shit about me every say, I'm gonna sue your ass for slander. Well, bye fucker. You were shit at ass licking anyay," said Darcy to him in a condescending tone and he loosened his grip only to let go of him.

Darcy got out his phone and began looking at his texts to see a new one from Melissa: hi baby <333 dont 4get about that appointment!! ilysm <33. He gave a smile seeing the text and procceeded 2 text back: "i got in2 a fight and my jacket is making me look like a junkie combined with the bruise i got,, so im making my way over 2 ur school idgaf about redforest at this point u kno i wouldnt miss it 4 the world!! <333 luv u 2 babe!! ill be there shortly <333. Maybe it is going to be a good day after all...

((translation: Hello, mom. Yes, I'm at school and everyone is talking shit about me as usual. I'm gonna fucking force myself out of here and get my ass over to Chicago Prime. I can't fucking take it in this shitty ass school anymore. Yes, I got the ring to propose to Melissa. I'm proposing to her on Christmas Day. Okay, I'll be sure to. Love you too, mom. See ya.))
Darcy Foxx
Darcy Foxx
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where ever i go, the devil's beneath my feet ((darcy only k omfg)) Empty Re: where ever i go, the devil's beneath my feet ((darcy only k omfg))

Post by Darcy Foxx on Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:04 pm

Lying on his bed, Darcy stared at the ceiling texting Melissa. He was asking himself questions on the meaning of life since he was basically lying about his life to his parents to the point where only one other person knows about some of the stuff he hides with one of them with the potential to affect how he interacts with his family. He grabbed the engagement ring he got for Melissa and looked at it; Darcy couldn't believe that he literally was going to do this. Rather than waiting for another few days, he decided to text Melissa: hey babe!!! <333 maybe we can go out on a date?? ill choose one of the finest restaurants and im gonna pay the bill and stuff!!! love you!! <333. His phone then vibrated to see a response from Melissa: thatd be so sweet!!! <333 what kind of restaurant r u thinking about??? any kind works 4 me as long as the foods good and worth the money!! ily 2!!! <333. i was thinking something italian,, like a more high end olive garden in a way. <3333 i have nothing against restaurants that like to share food from italy the best they can. dont worry ill help u with the pronounciations!!!! ily more!!! texted back Darcy seeing a reply shortly after: sounds great!! ill start getting ready and u get get us reservations!!! no ily more!! we could go on all day about that!! see u later lovey <333

He gave a smile looking at the screen and began to dial the number for Prosecco and made a reservation for a table of two and decided to mention that he was going to propose to his girlfriend and how it'd be nice to have a bit more of a private table. After the call, Darcy jumped out of his bed and took a quick shower and got himself all done up. Darcy began doing his makeup and put on Prada Candy perfume; Darcy never liked the smell of male fragrances, and the designer female perfumes suited his very androgynous self.

Darcy did his final touch ups and put the box containing the engagement ring is his coat pocket before he ended up forgetting it since it'd be shitty to propose without a ring, and he'd hate himself for the rest of his life if he were to do that.Feeling his phone vibrate, he got it out and turned it on seeing a text from Melissa saying that she's ready. He texted back that he's on his way and that he can't wait to see her.

Darcy grabbed his keys and exited out of the mansion unlocking his car getting himself situated and began to drive. He got up to the condo complex and went o the floor Melissa was on and knocked the door for Melissa to answer shortly after.

"You look really beautiful. But then again, you're always beautiful. This is so awkward right now oh my god," said Darcy to Melissa only to see her giggle blushing.

"Aww thank you, lovey. I can clean up nicely once in a while," Melissa replied to him giving him a hug.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her and responded, "Come on, babe, let's go before your dad attempts to kill me wondering what the fuck we're doing."

Melissa gave a nod in agreement as they headed down to Darcy's car.

They arrived at Prosecco and were immediately seated in an area that was s bit excluded from the other tables. They were given a menu, and they began to look at it.

"Isn't this place romantic or what? This is the kind of place I'd go to for a special occasion," commented Melissa with a smile as she glanced at Darcy.

"It really is. You'll love Italy, we'll have to go there at one point, we can stay at a Grand Vacations club there," Darcy responded as he twirled the straw in his glass of sparkling water.

It was time for dessert, and it was time for Darcy to do his thing. He went to where Melissa was and got down on one knee and began to read a poem getting out the box with the ring and opened it:
Roses are red, violets are blue, I'm uncreative- sad, but it's true.

I'm not a boy given to poetry's wiles and you're not a girl who likes it either.

I've never been able to master a verse and you've always preferred me to be rather terse.

The moment I seem to be on to a roll I write something that's not appealing at all.

So though we can't string two rhymes together I love you, and I want to love you forever.

So will you marry me?

Melissa covered her mouth in shock and smiled exclaiming yes over and over again.

Darcy gave a smile as they began to embrace and they kissed with smiles on both of their faces.

Getting the ring out of the box, Darcy slipped it onto Melissa's left ring finger. "I got this custom made just for you," Darcy added as they both celebrated their engagement.

"Custom made, huh?" replied Melissa raising an eyebrow, "Tonight has been really great. Thank you so much. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Neither can I."


Darcy Foxx
Darcy Foxx
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where ever i go, the devil's beneath my feet ((darcy only k omfg)) Tumblr_mwiv306Zi91qc1sb1o2_250


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