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Post by Creepie Creecher on Sun Oct 28, 2012 1:39 pm

the rules
the following are the rules. i tried my hardest to make them short and sweet, so please read and follow them.
register with your character's name in standard case like this: Jane Doe. duplication of first names ARE allowed, those having the same last name are only allowed if they come from the same family like siblings, parents, etc. and if they're someone's spouse. you MUST be at least 13 years of age to join, but if someone is 12 and decides to join, it's no big deal just as long as they can handle the content on the site.
the app we use is basically as profile app that technically works as your character's profile and the app at the same time. however, it's not much of an app since you don't have to have your character's bio practically be a standard bio you'd see on the other sites; it really only ever works that way on the wikia. the rules/standards for the apps are more fully explained where the code for it is located. however, it's practicaly optional, so you can just PM this account the membergorup for your character and they'll be immediately added.
we have no character limit; try to be active on all of them, but if you're unable to, logging into all accounts and posting whenever you can whether it's through social media or in character posting games will suffice.
this site is very very laid-back when it comes to activity since we often have very slow periods, so don't even worry about losing any claims or characters.
instead of explaining more of the deal of duplicate face claims on the face claim topic, it shall be explained here. there can only be up to 3 characters using the same face claim at a time in a few different combinations: 1 could be a doppelganger with two of them being twins, all three could be triplets, or all three are doppelgangers.
avatars are 225x325. don't worry if the avatar isn't exactly that size; the hover will still work the way it's supposed to. signature are enabled, just make sure they aren't more than 500px in both width and height. html is enabled, just make sure the fonts use are legible and the colors aren't really blinding.
our rating is 323. this basically means your characters can say something with every other word being a cuss word without it being a big deal. the 2 means that your characters can talk about sex acts and make innuendos, but any thread leading up to a sex scene MUST fade in black, especially since we don't want to risk forumotion taking this forum down. the 3 means that there can be fights and gore can be written out since it happens in the real world, and fights do tend to happen at schools. we allow mild drug use, but feel free to make references to drugs, especially since there's probably characters who are into or have done drugs.
when it comes to being in character, just follow standard roleplaying etiquette. everyone must treat each other respectfully out of character and if any disputes happen to talk about it to the admin - we're all here to have fun. we will not allow any racist/transphobic/homophobic/etc. comments out of character, but we totally get that characters aren't as accepting. just be kind to each other out of character. we accept characters of all backgrounds no matter the race, gender, sexual orientation, etc.


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