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Post by Edward West on Thu Apr 03, 2014 6:06 pm

edward frank west

I dropped the screw in the tuna

I'm Edward, but my peeps call me Ed. I go to Chicago Prime 'cause I wanna be a comedic actor when I get older ya know? I uh also work at this burger joint in the mall called Good Burger because we uh have really good burgers? People sorta describe me as a uh stoner despite being like uh straight edge. Drugs like uh ain't for me. Whenever I get called on to answer a question that I uh don't know, I always respond with Jupiter. Why? It's the first thing that comes to my uh mind like uh yeah. I also got one of the Allen sisters pregnant, and I'm uh pretty sure it was Ivy since Melissa is like fucking a teacher from what I uh heard in the hallways.


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WEST, edward Empty Re: WEST, edward

Post by Creepie Creecher on Thu Apr 03, 2014 6:07 pm

you have been accepted! Please fill out all of the claims and start roleplaying!


playing your song

Creepie Creecher
Creepie Creecher

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