3/1 Rival Schools & More

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3/1 Rival Schools & More

Post by Creepie Creecher on Sat Mar 01, 2014 12:08 pm

Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you guys know that Chicago Prime now has a rival school called RedForest School for the Visionary Arts commonly called RedForest. The mascot for RedForest is the cardinal and their school colors are red and blue. Also, there'll be many football games and stuff, so I suggest that you go sign up for them since we won't be able to have them if no one signs up. I hope this rival school thing works out, so I encourage you guys to make some characters for RedForest. RedForest will NOT have the eight period system in place due to being a new addition. Instead it'll have the class week system that was used when the site first opened.

I also changed the app codes, so if you want, you can request me to unlock your app so you can edit it in anyway you need to. Due to the change, there are a few fields I added to your profile that you can customize. The school part is especially important so nobody gets confused.

I also added a gossip section to the forum. If anyone is wondering, tea refers to gossip, so the tea spiller will reveal your characters deepest secrets at anytime they wish. If you have a grudge against somebody (obviously IC), you can use the account to post any secrets they know about that character. PM me for the info, and I'll give it to you.

You guys are probably wondering what OTMs are, right? If so, that's like a reward system where we'll judge things IC based on the past month. As it was only added late last month, we'll begin nominations for the month of March in April to help get things started.

These are the categories:
Friends (not pictured)
Enemies (not pictured)
Siblings (not pictured)

I'm excited to have these new additions, so expect the nomination topic to be up sometime next month. That's all, so have a great day!


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