2/23 New Year + IC Events

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2/23 New Year + IC Events

Post by Creepie Creecher on Sun Feb 23, 2014 12:33 pm

Long time no see! It's officially 2014 (for a while now), and that means many exciting things will be coming to TGID! One of them which I had recently added to the profile section is a thing for your character's sexual orientation. I'm sure that's self-explanatory. Anyway, many of the things coming will primarily be IC events which are basically proms, field trips and all that kind of stuff. Relay For Life will be occurring for its second year on TGID, so I expect lots of drama happening in the topic when the time comes around which will be somewhere OOC in late-June/July. There will also be an IC fundraiser to raise money for the school field trip to Hershey Park. This will be the first field trip on TGID, and I simply can not wait for it! You can post as much topics in the Hershey Park Field Trip section whenever it occurs, but there will be an official thread for the bus ride, and that'll be the only part of the trip where you're not allowed to make a topic about. However, you're able to freely make topics about riding rollercoasters to a lunch date and from seeing the animals at ZooAmerica to going to Chocolate World as the possibilities are endless! Also, for the first time there will be an IC fundraiser/event for Hoops for Hearts! Hoops for Hearts is a great cause like Relay For Life, so I expect around the same things that RFL has except that the relays are replaced with basketball games. I guess that concludes some of the events coming to TGID in the future, so check back later!


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