10/22/13 Updates coming soon + 1st birthday on the way

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10/22/13 Updates coming soon + 1st birthday on the way Empty 10/22/13 Updates coming soon + 1st birthday on the way

Post by Creepie Creecher on Tue Oct 22, 2013 6:52 pm

Hello, guys! It has been a while since I've post something, but I'm sure you guys know this by now. TGID's first birthday will be on October 29, 2013 which is exactly a week from now. Yes, I did make this site in the middle of Hurricane Sandy due to not having school.

There'll be two NEW additions coming to TGID in the next coming days. There'll be sports teams and clubs to sign up. Like in real life, you character will be able to try out for a sports team for the first time. For example, you could be in football, volleyball, soccer, etc. You'll also be able to tryout to be on the cheer squad and be the school's mascot the tiger with the school colors being orange and black. There'll also be clubs which also includes the school's groups that corresponds with its music program. Two of them includes Baxendale Show Choir and Soothing Melody, the honors choir which are apart of the choir class which is open for anyone even if they're not in choir to join. There'll also be Jazz Band and much more.

The last addition which is separate to those two is the 8 Period System. This means that I come up with a schedule for every student that includes a homeroom picked at random, common core, their performing art, and a unified arts class. You'll also be put into random groups with a few other classmates, (Each group will have around 12-15 students), for fifth period which will go into rotations you'll have 2-3 of your common core teachers although some may be be sorted into gym or into art class depending on how a group is chosen to go to whatever class. If they go to two, they must go to those to those two classes twice a week which will be two days. However, on Mondays, they'll be in their homeroom in case the homeroom is behind on work. This will NOT apply to field trip days, event days, if a music group will be at a competition (and that music group ONLY), and the weekend since those are times to not be in class and to finish any possible assignments. I hope that this system will work, and I'll be working on every character's schedule and message them to you as we speak.

That's all, so I hope you guys have a great rest of the week! Don't be afraid to send me club suggestions because I'll eventually get onto sign-ups and make the masterlist of students in it.


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