Forgotton Family (Lorena's trip back home"

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Forgotton Family (Lorena's trip back home" Empty Forgotton Family (Lorena's trip back home"

Post by Lorena Good on Wed Oct 02, 2013 7:55 pm

Lorena closed her dormitory and got in a cab to go to the airport. It was her time take a break from schoolwork and visit her family back in Texas. She was on the plane for a couple hours thinking of what she was going to say to her family and friends. The plane finally landed by 2:00 p.m.

Her mother, father, grand mother and her old best friend Kelly was there. "Lorena!" They cried tears giving her kisses and hugs. "Mom, dad, grandma, Kel! I missed you so much." Lorena said smiling."C'mon Lor, you got to tell us about Chicago and your school." Kelly said picking up Lorenas bag into a car. "You still have old Betsy?" Lorena asked hed mother. Betsy was their 1978 pink peach car. It brought back memories of that car.

On the long drive home there was a.series.of questions. "Who is your friends?" Kelly asked. "I don't really have friends at school. Those girls are so loud and annoying they cause drama every day. I barley talk to anyone." Lorena replied. "Your teacchers?" Her dad asked. "They suck. They got to much dicipline issues with the students."

Her family was shocked. "Any cute guys." Kelly blushed. "Sure! Not my type though."

Kelly just laughed and gave Lorena a hug. "Oh i miss you Lorena!"


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