Ivy (Dulce) Allen's Life

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Ivy (Dulce) Allen's Life Empty Ivy (Dulce) Allen's Life

Post by Ivy Allen on Sun Sep 29, 2013 6:31 pm

My life is pretty fascinating on the internet. I post everything there. Social media websites such as Instagram (my baby), Facebook (my love), Twitter (my diary), Youtube (my appearance) and my 1.1 million hit website, toplessivy. Its all of those social sites linked together. Shhh, just don't tell my parents.

I usually log into all my accounts and post pictures of my day and if I'm feeling dirty, I post on toplessivy, the site where I post nudes of the Ivy Allen. I started all my accounts one day as a nerd who knew nothing. My username was dulce88. I had no likes on facebook, no followers on tumblr, twitter instagram and all. Then I wanted to be somebody. I started a youtube account as Dulce Sweety and gained subscribers with my shitty talk about the bitches in my middle school. Over the months I gained 300,000 subscribers and I started a twitter and instagram. My pictures were as sexy as hell. Kim Kardashian was my inspiration. She was always on the news with her sex tape shit and nude and 1000 mariages never lasting.

For some reason I had the idea to follow her posting bra slips and dirt poses. I had made 500,000 likes on instagram and i continued, I made a website to post those special pics and I got thousands of views a day. My parents and family doesn't really know about this but I'm making my way to stardom just like the Queen, Kim Kardashian.
Ivy Allen
Ivy Allen

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