What a shame that you came here with someone [Jessies past]

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What a shame that you came here with someone [Jessies past]

Post by Jessie Kelskeay on Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:12 pm

Jessie was munching on a apple waiting for an customer to come, tapping on the stand box. The neighbor hood was full of activity today and it was a sunny hot day in scotland, thus being perfect for lemonade. However...Marissa's getting more customers then me.
Plenty of people surrounded Marissa's lemonade stand. Jessie rolled her eyes at Marissa. Marissa glared back at her when her customers were not looking. Suddenly, Reimu touched Jessie's shoulder. Jessie jumped, obviously she had not known that Reimu was behind her. ''I wonder why you get few costumers. Your lemonade is the best...Marissa's lemonade is too bland for me. Plus Marissa's lemonade is like three dollars! A rip-off, indeed.'' Reimu said in a honest voice. Jessie did believe her. Hours ago, Reimu bought two lemonade drinks for herself and Jessie. Jessie had tasted it and, infact it was bland.

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